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Creative Portrait Studio Session with Kay

Natural Light Studio?
Beautiful person and model?
Awesome images?

Ya, it was great working with Kay on this Portrait session. She is just stunning and so easy to work with, on top of that she has other hidden talents: a beautiful singing voice.


Luminato 2014 & The Soul Rebels | Toronto Photographer


Sadly, we didn’t get out to see as many performances this year as compared to last.  For some reason the timing, the weather, just didn’t cooperate. But I can say, the one performance we did make, was pretty awesome. They are a group from New Orleans called ‘The Soul Rebels’ and they turned it up! Me and my friend danced and danced and danced! They played/covered a wide variety of songs in their style “New Orleans Funky Brass with The Heavyweights Brass Band” and it was all so danceable. As you can see by a few pics the crowd was getting into it. I LOVED the dancers in the crowd there that day – they were thoroughly enjoying themselves in the music – the best way to be! Here are a few pics … Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below  :)



I’ll say it again & again; LOVE photographing beautiful people | Toronto Photographer

Let me confess first that I am TIRED. All caps, dead dog tired. Working full-time days at my regular job and then shooting all day Saturdays and then trying to have a social life hanging with friends and fam, has got me worn out. But I love it. It’s worth it. They say, ‘sleep when you’re dead’. I might not go that extreme, but I’m certainly considering it. :)

And this session, this beautiful women was beautiful both outside and IN! I love working with people because the inside always shines out and it’s awesome. This is Alicia, a local Toronto Freelance Model and she’s helping me with my portrait project. These are some outtakes from the session. She was 1 of the first women I worked with and to be honest, although I LOVE these (Isn’t she the ADORABLEST???!), they turned out more Portrait/Headshot than I was going for. So she has graciously said she will re-sit for me and I thought I’d share these in the meantime… Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below :)


Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters


Would you let me capture you on film?

These are the second set of images from my new-old camera that I bought a few *ahem* *cough*… years ago.
Oh man, I shot the first set in 2011, so, ya, it’s taken me a while to finish this 2nd roll. Wait, did you HEAR that. I said finish the roll. Yup, that’s right, I’m talking about a film camera. A Canon Rebel 2000 35mm film camera. Aww man, I’m loving the images; the look of film straight out of the camera. I especially love that I don’t have to ‘edit’ them. This was a roll of Kodak Portra 160. I’d love to do a full Portrait session with film. No digital at all. Now THAT would be a challenge. Hmmm…
Now I would just need a willing subject…


I Know What I Did Last Summer | Toronto Photographer

I photographed a lot of awesome people. I had access to an awesome studio space last summer. Awesome because it had great natural light. You know I love light! And I learned how to use in that space. Every space is different. How the light enters, bounces, refracts, falls off. I loved that with this light I was able to create such pretty and clean images which have become my hallmark now. And which totally suit my subjects, who are all amazingly fun and genuine people, which this clean pretty light highlights so well. So this summer, I’m still shooting. A few things actually. That project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is in full swing and I’m so happy to say that I’ve been receiving tons of positive feedback. Yay #teamnatural! I also want to continue doing portraits, so if you’re looking for new headshots or portraits or a profile shots to be done, hit me up. We’ll have fun and make some cool pics. And if you couldn’t tell, I had the AWESOME-EST time on this shoot. She a beautiful and cool person. One of the reasons I love photography :)

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer - Ardean PetersToronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters


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