Yup, I’m heading off to Florida to visit with a dear friend and get some much needed rest and relaxtion. Time to breathe.
I’ll also be taking a break from Social Media. No Blogging, Tweeting or even Instagramming! Ooh, this might be hard… But really good for me. Sooooo…. catch you when I get back and #HappySpring!

Advice I should take

Se'lah Genesis By Ardean Peters
From a recent #PhotoShoot: The lovely Se’lah Genesis | Keep Ya Head Up

Someone asked me my advice on getting started in photography. Me.
And while I’ve been shooting a few years now and I’m proficient in what *I* do, I’m still not there yet, you know? This advice sounds pretty good. I should take it.

If it comes to making photos, I say the biggest thing to finding your voice/style and getting ahead in photography/building a career, is to:

1. Shoot as much as possible. I struggled for a long time with not knowing WHAT I wanted to shoot. What my passion was. But the more you shoot, the more it’s revealed to you.
2. And while I was shooting, I didn’t believe in my talent (believe in yourself!)
3. And I didn’t stay focused. So shoot. Shoot often. And the more you shoot,
the more focus you WILL start to see.
4. The more you shoot, the more you put out there, the more people start noticing.
Be bold. Be humble. But be bold.
5. Also, learn to shoot well. Technically well. Whether you like shooting Studio lights or Natural or what have you. Really learn the craft. Don’t rely on Photoshop to ‘fix’ things like exposure, or composition later.

Sometimes the beginning feels like it will never end

Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest

Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.”

A road block.
A stop sign.
A do not enter.
Private property.
Signs trying to convince you not to start.
Start anyway.

Remind Yourself Who You Are


“Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.” – Anonymous

This is what I am doing.
Right now.
Reminding myself of all the things I am.
Remembering what it is I love.
And getting back to really doing it.

Who are you?
Who do you want to be?