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punk boots and thoughts on photography

i’m actually quite conflicted with commercial photography and shooting people.
what we see in media everyday is not necessarily reality,
and now I feel like I’m playing into that as a photographer.
but it can be fun making ‘pretty’ pictures. Arrgh!

i do try and shoot with the intention of getting the best possible shot, in-camera.
i really don’t want to have to spend extra time in post processing, try to ‘shop’ the picture ‘better’. so I try not to over process my pics and make them fairly natural looking, ~ I don’t want to add to women and men feeling bad about themselves, because they don’t look like the models in magazines. although, i guess it’s unavoidable at this point. we’re all affected by the images in media. no denying that.

and being a ‘model’ and modelling is not about size or beauty, but knowing how to move, how to place your body in front of the lens and create beautiful forms, together with being comfortable in front of a camera. and a truly talented photographer, is able to capture and bring out the natural expression and beauty in everyone. That’s the kind of photographer I’d like to be.

2 comments on “punk boots and thoughts on photography

  1. Jemy1415
    January 27, 2013

    I agree with you, so many photographers rely on post editing. You take amazing pictures btw! :)


    • Ardean
      January 27, 2013

      Thank You!!!

      It’s definitely a ‘thing’ now, with the new role of ‘Digital Artist’, you don’t have to be great at lighting, have a great makeup team, etc., but just be great at photoshop. And that’s fine, but that’s not me. I don’t love editing so the less time I do it, the better. I’d rather work on perfect the image, lighting, etc. BEFORE I take the shot :)


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