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Amber in the Gardens | Toronto Portrait Photography

I love Amber’s face. I love the lines. Her amazing green eyes. She is a pleasure to photograph. And this time, she introduced me to the Parkwood Estate in Oshawa. Parkwood is an amazingly beautiful mansion and grounds, completed in 1917 and home originally to “R. Samuel McLaughlin (founder of General Motors of Canada”. We actually arrived around midday, so not the optimal time to be shooting! We were lucky though to find some beautiful shade at the top of the steps below, and around to the left, and so started our shoot there. Because of the challenging light, we explored a few places. We stopped in a little gated pool area, where I learned a new fact about Amber; she has a fear of these :). Then a quick outfit change and a walk down to the garden maze. Because the sun was so high and bright, I tried some alternative editing with these images, to compensate for the extreme contrast. I like that it gives the images a somewhat ‘film-like’ look. We ended our shoot at the top of the maze and I was treated to a much loved smile, from Amber. As always Amber, it was a pleasure. Without your ‘face’, I wouldn’t be able to take such beautiful images 🙂

Images Copyright © Ardean Peters


  1. WOW. She takes on a WHOLE different personality with the outfit change!
    I love the colour contrast of the pinks and greens 🙂 SO VIBRANT!!!
    And the fishy is so cute!!
    My fave photo is the one in front of the BIG BIG builiding. THAT ROCKS.

    Keep up the fab work Ardean!



  2. You’ve been a busy bee! I’ll need to catch up.
    My fave is the diptych with the blurred feet (though I love all of these).
    An awesome location too~Maybe people are much nicer up north =P
    Here in SoCal (at least in places like these) there would be guards/docents jumping at me ready to throw me out or demanding for a permit.


    • Finally getting older stuff edited and posted 🙂
      It wasn’t busy at all, maybe cause middle of week and not summer.
      Felt much more like a park, with a REALLY nice house!
      We did get reprimanded once though, by an employee.


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