Toronto Snow Day

4 thoughts on “Toronto Snow Day”

  1. A big long…longing…wistful…sigh…this is totally me!!! Well, if I was an actual weather moment or condition! Now I would have stayed up late so that I can hear the snow whisper softy down the roof tops. You truly amaze me! I was channeling one of your wise advice lately…about getting the camera setting perfectly right when shooting =) So that when I upload and edit ~ I shouldn’t have to do too much work!
    I’m off to check out the rest of your posts..I get updates but haven’t had a chance to visit ❤


    1. We didn’t even know it was going to snow. It’s been so weirdly non-wintery here. Aww thanks 🙂
      The light was so good here (both the snow day and day after, are shot early in the morning, around 7/8am), so it makes for easy pictures & quick editing (sharpen, exposure & blacks, in dpp only) 🙂


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