on photography

10 thoughts on “on photography”

  1. So sweet and thank you for the mention ❤
    I love all these images ~ esp the brick/ivy post. I envy your street scenes. I would definitely attempt them if I had a fellow photographer with me. The phone is a great buffer but it would be much better to use a regular cam.


    1. You’re welcome! And these streets scenes are particularly easy – because I don’t consider them street photography. Much harder to take photos of people – with these, I just stop and snap!


  2. Okay thank you so much for the mention as well. Gosh, why do we have to be so far?. I love what you have been doing with your work lately, I see your colors all over both the cell and camera shots. I think we feel like we know each other because looking at each others work is like looking at who we are and the bits and pieces we love. Who knows, im just so glad that we are able to keep in contact even with many miles between us. You inspire me, keep doing what you’re doing girl and thank you for sharing your world with us. Xoxo.


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