But I really need to re-pot those plants…

4 thoughts on “But I really need to re-pot those plants…”

  1. I love that you said “I’m scared (that’s okay!) to start – because I will likely make a mistake, but that’s okay – I can fix it and then keep going!” I agree with you – we all feel that way at times, but those who start , even if they feel unsure, are much more likely to finish 😀 If you never start, you’ll never finish, right? So just take it one step at a time… that’s what i do. Remember you’re on a journey. One step at a time ❤


    1. That is what I have been learning Rochelle and witnessing and endeavour to put into practice more and more – that the people that get things done – just start regardless. I’m getting better!


    1. Lol Lynne! Yes, ‘Just Do It’. That’s sortof what I say to myself now. I’ll be doing something – say, writing and email and instead of procrastinating on trying to word it even better – which can mean I don’t send it until much later – I say, heck, that’s not bad and send it off! It’s hard… but I’m getting better at just doing it 🙂


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