The Weekend | Toronto Photographer

6 thoughts on “The Weekend | Toronto Photographer”

    1. And green is my fav colour! Oh so cool, you went to Ikea too. It’s one of my favourite places. I would sometimes just go there to walk around when I wasn’t in a great mood. I love interior design – especially Scandinavian/clean design styles. I didn’t ended up loving all my purchases once I got home (didn’t look as I thought), so I’ll be making a return trip this weekend to exchange some items 🙂


  1. Last week-end I tried my new variable ND filter that I just got the day before ……… well the results were less than conclusive. I will need more trials/errors before getting some good results

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      1. I can imagine. The technique to get down and then being able to find a location that’s suitable and then to envision what you what to capture and compose it. A lot goes into for sure.


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