This image, just struck me as such, as I was walking along the curve at Spadina, just around the corner from the Waverly Hotel [not necessarily where you’d want to stay, when visiting T.O.]. The ‘deity’ on the top with the ‘protective gate’ on the bottom, keeping away passerby from the ‘offerings’. 🙂 Toronto, Spadina … Continue reading shrine

the ride in

A dark, wet ride into work today. Rain? It is spring after all, although I did see some hail coming down round about 5pm and someone else said he swears he saw a snowflake the size of his hand. [more pictures on my flickr] On the Bus Canon 50D, 50mm f1.8 lens, f3.5 at iso800 … Continue reading the ride in

rain day

A cold and rainy day in Toronto today, left the streets at lunch and after work, less filled with people. I was looking for photo’s, but trying not to get wet. More importantly, trying not to get my camera wet. No, I didn’t see today’s forecast. I didn’t know rain was coming. Apparently my camera … Continue reading rain day

coffee shop

A bright and sunny day, in our string of unseasonably warm weather days, this is caught at the corner of Wellington and Peter Streets, kitty corner to the CBC building. I was on the other side of the street with my 55-250mm zoom on my 50D and saw how nicely the light was illuminating him … Continue reading coffee shop