I don’t drink tea

But I had a cup of Chai today. Blame it on my sore throat from Monday – I’m still in the mode of trying to soothe it. And I gotta say, the Chai wasn’t half bad. Will it become a regular thing? Not likely – but maybe I’ll have a cup now and again, and pretend while I’m sipping it, that I’m a little more refined than I really am :D

Kat & Chris — Toronto Portrait Photographer

I had great time doing this portrait session with Kat & Chris, along with another couple [next blog post!]. Such a cute and fun couple. The light wasn’t the greatest for shooting, but we made it work, finding nice shade where we could. We walked through forested paths, across bridges and across rocks. I even climbed a tree, to get the perfect angle – and it was well worth it :D

To see more of Kat & Chris’s Couples Portrait Session, watch the slideshow here.
Music is by Amy Savin – ‘Truest Friend’. Check out Amy’s website here!!