Julie & Greg got Married | Irwin Inn | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Julie and Greg got married by a lake and I had the opportunity to go help document it. I got another chance to 2nd shoot for Valter at Mendes Photography and we headed out on a Saturday morning for a drive east of Toronto. I’ll be honest, I think we got a little bit lost on our way there with all the many twists and turns just north of Peterborough, but once we arrived it was well worth the drive. The Irwin Inn is quite fabulous. If you want a cozy, homey, family getaway spot, this is definitely the place. With the awesome cabins overlooking the lake, it makes for a fabulous spot to relax in. I had a lot of fun documenting Julie and Greg’s day with their awesome friends and family that came out to celebrate with them. Oh, you might be wondering about the bird. That’s Arnie and he belongs to Julie and Greg and holds a special place in their hearts :)

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Tyler, Head-shots | Toronto Photographer

This session was to create some solid head-shots – which I think we did quite well at that, if I do say so myself. It also gave me the opportunity to meet and work with this lovely young man. It was such a joy to photograph Tyler. He is one of the most sweet, polite and self-effacing people you’ll ever meet. He’s an only child and his parents did good by him. He’s also an aspiring actor and model in the Toronto area who definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Because we were working on head-shots specifically, we kept the set-up fairly consistent and worked on getting a variety of expression. This type of shoot can be a bit challenging because you are limited in terms of creativity and movement – but it’s a good challenge because you have to connect with your subject in a set space and bring as much expression out of them as you can. Here we even went outside the box a bit and experimented with different backgrounds/colour and had some fun with it. I love all the images; Tyler has such an awesome smile, but some of my faves are where he’s actually not smiling and you see a serious, determined young man looking back at you.

A Wedding, a Portrait session and a Weekend | Toronto Photographer

I can’t believe it’s the last week of September already. This month has just flown by just like this past weekend, which kept me on my toes! I assisted a wedding on Saturday in Toronto. It rained. So we had to get creative and employ the tips I mentioned in this blog post and made the best of it. Sunday morning, I had the most awesome portrait session with my client. We started off doing a few looks in-studio, working with the natural window light. For the last look we ventured outside and wandered a couple of streets near the studio. It was a bit chilly (fall is definitely in the air!), so my client stole my jacket for a few shots. Love that she felt comfortable enough to do that with me and love that my awesome green trench got to be in the spotlight. I can’t wait to share the images from the session here, but for now here’s an image from a favourite past fall session at High Park. :)

Toronto Portrait Photographer - Ardean Peters

The many faces of Tiffany | Toronto Photographer

Happy Friday everybody! So as I get ready to move into the weekend, with both a wedding shoot on Saturday and a Portrait shoot coming up on Sunday morning in studio (woot! #excited!) – I thought it’d be fun to look back on a portrait session I had this summer. Now this was a really fun and unique session and to give you a bit of back story, I actually connected with her online and she happens to be a local Toronto actress! So of course what I did first was to stalk her online. I perused her about.me page and browsed all her links and even went over to her blog. From there, I got lost in watching episodes from the different production’s she’s been a part of like ‘Sweet Fever’ and ‘Leslieville’, to name a few and they are so funny and so good! As an actress Tiffany has that really great funny yet genuine element to the characters she brings to life and I was really intrigued by her and I thought why not let me see if I can set up a session with her. Soooo I messaged her and I said I love your look and I love what you do and it’d be great if you would do a portrait session with me. Low and behold she said yes. So we coordinated a day for us to meet up at the studio and we got to work. Tiffany brought a few wigs and we had a LOT of fun. I have to say she’s the type of person that the picture you created of them from what you saw online is exactly what you get. She’s truly genuine, fun and funny, smart and a great person to be around and I was so happy to be able to do the session with her. From it I made a wonderful new friend and we were able to make some really cool photos that I’m really excited and happy about :)