Year in Review (2010-2011) | Toronto Portrait Photographer

It’s funny. You can feel like you haven’t been accomplishing alot, when you are constantly moving forward. Working to keep creating and producing. Always challenging yourself to be better.
To do better. Looking back at some of the work I did over the past year, puts it into prospective. It’s a joy to see yourself creating the beautiful images that you envision. It’s a joy to look back and remember each of the sessions and the fun you had working with each and every person. My plan for the next year? Keep shooting; shooting a whole TON! Making great images. Covering great events. Meeting new people and enjoying living life as a photographer :)

A look back at 2010/2011
all images © Ardean Peters

End of the week wrap up

It’s been a busy one. I have so many thoughts in my head and I have been making lists, and emailing myself and texting myself, like nobody’s business. Afraid that if I didn’t write it down, right now, I’d forget. Changes are afoot. Did I mention that? Well they are. Watch this space.

I attended the Premiere screening of ‘Unity’ at Chalkers Pub on Friday night. As a member of AWF, I worked as Stills Photographer on this short movie. Pics and vid to come!

I had 2 shoots this weekend; Saturday. A 7:30am portrait shoot out at Bluffer’s park. I’d never been before and will have to go back to explore ‘the bluffs’. The 2nd shoot was a newborn shoot. My 4th ever! So tiny and sweet and wondrous.

So I have a lot of work ahead. Today: editing my maternity shoot from last weekend, cleaning, organzing & trying not to be distracted

and a sneek peak of the portrait shoot
Emilia - Photo by Ardean Peters

random | don’t these two just look so much alike?
Kerry Washington | Natalie Portman

Beautiful light — Plethora of images

It rained suddenly and fiercely Sunday afternoon. That was a good day. I mentioned it here. And after the rain, came this beautiful light. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE light? Well I do. It has this magical property that makes everything look wondrous. The mundane, astounding. This is why I don’t say I’m a ‘nature’ or ‘fine art floral’ or even ‘architectural photographer’. I do photograph flowers and buildings. And I do think them beautiful, but when I do photograph them, more often then not, it’s ‘the light’ that has attracted me to them. It’s always the light.

Below are a bunch of images captured that afternoon. These are all {except for one}, straight out of the camera. And I do love to play with depth of field too. I shoot wide :)

All images copyright © Ardean Peters