Light makes all the difference

Toronto Light Photographer - Ardean Peters

It always amazes me how much light changes things. I walk around in wonder looking up at the light bouncing off buildings and how it changes a scene. It’s a wonder I don’t bump into things more often. Today as I walked into work, I passed this building and remembered how, on a lovely light day, it was transformed into this glorious display of mid-toned grays with a bright spark of light coming off the one window (image on the right). And then I realised, again, what a difference light makes. So I turned around and walked back to take a picture of the same building (this time just a snap with my phone) with the light it currently had, so that I could look at the 2 side by side. The same but so different. All because of the light. -ap |

A new light

…and website. I thought that my ‘light photography’ didn’t quite fit with my portrait website and deserved a home of it’s own. So it’s got one now: I don’t know what the full scope of the website will be, other than just a more accessible and organized repository for my light photos. In fact, creating the new site and speaking with a friend and fellow photographer, Mike of, has really allowed me to see the different types of light photos I capture and categorize them accordingly.

This is a very recently shot image. The light was sooo extra lovely that evening, perfectly shading this building on Bay. Below is the finished image and to give you some idea into how many images I typically shoot and how much editing I utilize, below in the gallery are the total images I shot: 4. You’ll notice that I ended up selecting the 1st image as the one to use, which is most often the case. I think because the moment that I’m moved to take a photo is a direct intersection with where I am physically viewing it from, so I stop in my tracks as best I can (with some shuffling around) and shoot. And usually it’s the first image that works. You’ll also notice that the images in the gallery, are all exposed the same. While I do edit buildings to correct the distortion of converging lines (and this inevitably ends up in the cropping of the image to some degree), I don’t typically crop to ‘correct’ my composition. I also do most of my exposure in camera, with minimal adjustments in post. This particular image is an anomaly, because along with adjusting the distortion, I also cropped it a lot. The elements in the left side of the frame are very distracting to me, so I normally would not shoot this, BUT this was the exception, because the light was SO nice.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. So feel free to leave me a message in the comment box below or ask a question about a technical aspect I didn’t answer. -ap

Toronto Light Photographer - Ardean Peters