Today was a good day. Still feeling a little tired, with the changes in my diet and working on getting the right balance of foods. Saw my new friend again today, who gave me this lovely message yesterday. How nice is that? Today’s photos (minus the first) are the result of a good walk after I finished eating lunch today. LOVE walking downtown. So much life and vigor and things to treat the eyes. Hope you enjoy today’s offering :) >>> click the images to view larger!

and time for home

i shoot with my phone…

… now that I’m downtown (yay!), I’m taking advantage of the ability to shoot daily, not only with my dslr camera’s (film starting next week!) but also with my cell phone camera. And since was opened up to us androids (go team Samsung!), I’ve taken advantage of the fact that not only can you simultaneously upload to facebook & twitter, you also can upload directly to tumblr. So now I’m also a daily ‘tumblr’. You can check out my daily cell phone pics here: And here, are some of the pics I captured today on my phone…

1.Building under renovation, reflected in the opposite building 2. Girls sitting in front a great skyline view outside Roy Thompson Hall 3. Beside Roy Thompson (thinking of doing a portrait here…) 4. Woman outside TD towers 5. Looking up to Commerce Court (this is a bad hdr image – 2 images combined to capture the highlights and shadows the camera couldn’t on it’s own) 6. Hometime on the GO train

Vertical lines and Street signs

New street signs to be specific. At least new to me. I noticed on University Ave and Wellington, that there are now ‘Info’ signs as well as free standing Advertising signs, adjacent to the sidewalk. Someone thought that it’d pay to capitalize on all the ‘go-trainers’ as they walk to and from Union Station during the morning and afternoon ‘rush’. As if ‘go-trainers’ and the rest of the people that work in the core are not already bombarded by advertising and free ‘news’ (ie. the free Metro or 24, commuter news magazines)

Friday Morning

Just a random assortment of images I captured this morning. I do LOVE the light caught in the window of the 2nd image. Sweet huh? Well, I think so anyway. And I took a page from jacqueline (she has such a great eye for composition and colour) and shot these all manual focus. Ya baby! Going to enjoy being downtown and shooting daily :) >>> click on the images to view larger!