Today was a good day. Still feeling a little tired, with the changes in my diet and working on getting the right balance of foods. Saw my new friend again today, who gave me this lovely message yesterday. How nice is that? Today’s photos (minus the first) are the result of a good walk after … Continue reading vigor

Friday Morning

Just a random assortment of images I captured this morning. I do LOVE the light caught in the window of the 2nd image. Sweet huh? Well, I think so anyway. And I took a page from jacqueline (she has such a great eye for composition and colour) and shot these all manual focus. Ya baby! … Continue reading Friday Morning

Back to the Streets

I’m working downtown for the summer. And despite my disdain for the GO Train, I’m excited that I’ll once again have the opportunity to do some ‘street photography’. Now my style is not what I call ‘real’ street photography. The real school of street photographers, apart from using film back in the day, were also … Continue reading Back to the Streets