Right now I’m taking

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β€˜Give and take’. Sometimes you take. And sometimes, you gotta give.

And I think… I think right now, I’m entering a time to take. Take some time for myself that is. To worry about my problems or not. And do what I want, or not. Whatever it is, I’m gonna get a let selfish and think about me a little bit more. Not to say, that I’m going to become this horrible self-concerned, greedy person, but that I’ll just be freer at doing things just for me. It is winter after-all and the perfect time to rejuvenate and take that time. I hope that’s okay with you :)

Merry Christmas | Happy Festivus | Happy Holidays

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Although I grew up attending Sunday School and celebrating Christmas, I now find that I don’t enjoy the commercialism of the ‘holiday’ (the idea of going into a mall at this time is heart stopping), am not particularly religious and actually love some of the tenents of Festivus. So, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and ‘Happy Festivus, for the Rest of Us’! Ya, you know the episode of Seinfeld that I’m talking ’bout.

P.S. I made this photo of the lovely table settings at my sister’s house, for the holidays. Trust me, in focus, it’s beautiful! :)

Happy Monday | Create Yourself

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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

And so the task is at hand. And the power is in your hands. Or I should say my hands.
Who do I really want to be? ‘Cause I will be honest and say, that I don’t know yet. I have an inkling and I am moving in the direction, but it feels slow, un-sure. Still afraid to really boldly say ‘THIS IS ME’. This is the me I want to be. Yesterday I said to myself “Start moving towards those things that attract you, authentically. Move away from those that don’t. Become who you yearn to be.” And I think that was, no is, a creative thought. Something inside telling me, ‘This is what you have to do.’ And maybe it is as easy as just starting to move away, and stop doing the things you might think you have to and just do what you like.

This Ted Talk (how I love these!), talks about how your unconscious mind is really making the decisions. And that ‘…Most of the time BELIEF requires EVIDENCE to make a change.’ So my questions are: How do you change your unconscious mind? And HOW do you get that evidence? Hmmm…. For now, I will just keep making portraits and seeing and documenting the light ’cause that is what I know I like for sure and start moving more into my own authenticity :)

Cassandra, Go-Getter | Toronto Photographer

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Preview from a casual session I did with Cassandra over the weekend.
I like working with her because she is, a ‘go-getter’. She hustles and get’s ish done and keeps it moving. I told her, that is the reason (and not just because she’s a beautiful person and model), why I like working with her and am willing to help her out anytime.

“When you show people that you know what you want; you are authentic & nice about it, they WILL show up to help you succeed.”