Derome | Toronto Photographer

Happy Friday! Oh man, this week has been a blur. I could go into details… but I think I’ll leave that for another post and instead give you this blog post. I had such a great time working with Derome. He’s an Actor & Model from Toronto as well as an all-around great guy. We met up in China town for the start of the session and then just followed the light making fun, easy, portraits. Enjoy! :)

Keep Calm and Breathe | Personal

Ever get that feeling; that urge to just crawl under the covers or tuck yourself away in a hidden corner? You know when you just are feeling overwhelmed and wanna hide from the world a bit? I think those moments happen to us all and are normal and shouldn’t be overlooked. In this fast paced, drive through, instant world – things are moving at such a blur sometimes that we forget that it’s okay to slow it down. To take a seat. To put down our phones. And just breathe. I’m breathing; how about you?

My lens taking a breather under the sofa :)
Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters