rainy days & nights in Toronto

and so some more interior light. oh but the first image, I do love so much. first rule of photography: stop and take the picture at the moment you see it. i started to walk by and said to myself that i’d stop on the way back. if i had done that – you know this image wouldn’t exist right now. the night set of images are with the 28mm f2.8 I picked up this evening. seeing if i like it. will i miss the stop of light? (oh, but i do love my 1.4 on the 50). we’ll see.

xti | Please click an image to view gallery & details

interior light plus

the plus is a half-hearted attempt at street photography, of the guy sitting near the curb. i never know the best approach taking photos of homeless people. so i don’t. i guess i don’t want it to be thought that i’m exploiting them. i just always wonder why we avoid them in general. how easily we walk by. it was a rainy evening and no time but for a short walk to the subway – so just a couple more photos i caught on the way of ‘interior light’. |

xti + 50mm manual focus | sharpened for web only | Note: Please view the images in the gallery at the end of the post, if you want to see the camera settings.

light abounding

cheesy, but i said it. the weather turned on over the lunch period and there was so much beautiful light that continued until the afternoon. if i keep this up, i really need to get a 24mm lens. using my 50mm on the xti is just too long. and I like using the smaller body and it’s much warmer too.

xti + 50mm f1.4 + manual focus + sharpened for web only | Note: Please view the images in the gallery at the end of the post, if you want to see the camera settings.

on photography

These girls (jacqui, tru) are my friends. Though we’ve never met. We share in common our love(s) for photography. That is what connected us. And in that it is so wonderful to look back over the years and see how we’ve (yes me too!) have grown. Actually, it’s the fact that I can look at them and see their growth, that I’m able to then see my growth. How we’ve struggled and wondered about our skill in photography; How we’ve struggled and wondered about our direction & focus; And how we can present and share it to the world (how many site re-designs! Lol :) How we can share our selves. I think that is it partly. For me at least, I think… That in the end, my photography is representing me.

And I wonder what it says to people. Do they get the right message? What is the message? But in the end I think I just want to share. And I (do) want someone to enjoy what I share. I don’t want silence or no response. I want someone else to say, ‘hey, i get that. I like that.’

Isn’t that a lot what life is about?


today’s pics inspired by my cell phone shot’s this morning on insta.gram, with a theme of “Interior light” (because it was a rainy light-less day; i looked for other light). Except the last two – just liked/happened on those. all: xti, 50mm f1.8, manual focus, sharpened for web only.

i really like this one.

i am no street photographer. i LOVE street photography – but i am not ballsy enough. this, was a completely random, lucky shot.