Baby Jasmine — Toronto Family Photographer

Jasmine was still comfortable in her mom’s tummy, when I did this Maternity Session with Fran and Jeff, just 3 weeks before her arrival into the world. It’s always amazing to be in the presence of a beautiful, perfect little being. You can’t help but say aww, and wonder at the small miracle. But, don’t let this little one fool you. At only 3 weeks, she knows exactly what she wants; to be in mom’s arms. Not in mom’s arms; cry. In mom’s arms; perfect bliss. This was also my 4th official Newborn Portrait. What have I learned this time around? There is no ‘schedule’ or ‘timeline’ when working with small babies. They are all different and unique and you have to be flexible and very patient when photographing them. And, it’s SO worth it in the end!

Fran and Jeff, Jasmine is a doll! Thank you so much for letting me capture a small part of her perfectness :)

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Perfect little angel.

As if to say, she’s not ready yet; and then on comes the cutest little smile.

Baby toes! Nothing cuter :)

A little yawn and then one more pose for the camera.

In mom’s hands


Featured — Toronto’s Best Portrait Photographers

Hi my friends! Toronto Mom Now is a newly launched, published daily, online resource for Toronto Mom’s, giving them a “window to her city”. It’s filled with great places to go with your kids and even without! Check out their latest urban mom finds here, like going to the Zoo in the city!

And I was honoured to be featured on their site here >>> Best Toronto Portrait Photographers <<< and along side a great Toronto Photographer I’ve had the chance to work with, Jennifer Ballard.

Image copyright © Ardean Peters
{from an old, but awesome family shoot}

Richard & Hyun, in the Park | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Late September and it turned to out to be a beautiful day in the park. This is where I met up with Richard and Hyun.
As a couple, they are thoughtful, pragmatic and loving. Richard wears a few hats including being a Writer/Director, as well as providing Dao Coaching services. Besides being absolutely effervescent, Hyun is a runner who gets to travel through the skies, as a Flight Attendant! Did I also mention they are also both so down to earth and have an amazing sense of fun? Just take a look at the photo’s from our session below, they know how to play, something that a lot of us adults have forgotten how to do. They also have an awesome connection with one another. Thanks for allowing me to photograph you guys; I enjoyed every minute of it! Richard, I haven’t forgotten and will be emailing you about the coaching :)

All images copyright © Ardean Peters