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Social Media 101 @ Workplace One — Networking & Social Media

Jaunted down to the newly opened shared boutique office space at Workplace One for a Social Media 101 session, with speakers by @CasieStewart, @loudawgs and @40deuce.

Workplace One is a beautiful, newly renovated space in the hub of the city, near Queen and Bathurst. It offers dedicated office space and meeting space for a fee, depended on your needs. Great for the small business owner, that needs office space, but not ready or doesn’t need a their own independent space.

I’ve been looking into starting to leverage my social media presence more and working more on marketing. Topics covered included getting started with social media like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and then learning how to leverage each platform to best use.

My take-aways:

1. Brand – Something that I have been flip-flopping on, but just recently decided to tie down. It’s important that along with your service/product offering, that your customers can see a consistent Branding, which clearly identifies you and your product.
I’ll be re-vamping the blog in a few days to reflect this.

2. Consistency in Communication – i.e. Building a consistent schedule in your communication with your audience and potential clients, via your Twitter, Blog, or whichever media you choose to use.

3. Target Market – Having a clear idea of who your market is/what they are expecting from you. In my case, I provide Portraiture for Individuals, Groups & Familys, Wedding and Event Photography.

So now, my job is to continue to bring those 3 line. Let’s just add that to the list of editing I still have to do 😉


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