keeping pace

or trying to, at least. it was a busy weekend. starting friday when I took my car in for servicing and to finally get the winter tires off. and then that evening I had a shoot booked. to tell the honest truth, I was TIRED! but, i’ve shot with this model before so I knew … Continue reading keeping pace


Model: Romone i never thought of myself as one, but my sister says i am – a perfectionist. maybe it’s because certain things I don’t want to do, unless it’s done exactly right. and if i can’t do it exactly right, i usually don’t want to do it. this shoot was a challenge to that … Continue reading challenges

on track

[more pics at the end] …and getting caught up. And I even got my studio set up in my basement now and was able to do some test shoots. Yay! i had always said, “I’m a natural light photographer”. And believed that nothing is better than ‘natural’ light. but then as I got more involved … Continue reading on track