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Hi. I’m Ardean and I love photographing People & Light. As a Portrait Photographer, lot’s of fun and big smiles are my favourite, so be fore-warned: I am super silly and I will make you laugh, really hard. If you don’t like laughing and having a good time, then, what’s wrong with you? Seriously though, I really love the ‘art’ of photography and all the challenges it poses, coupled with the opportunity to meet so many new and awesome people. What could be better?

I am also a ‘Light Photographer’. I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘What the heck is a ‘Light Photographer’. Well, it’s the phrase I coined to describe my images that I capture which have buildings in them, but are not architectural photography. And which have people in them, but are not quite street photography. Those elements play a part, but only by way of highlighting the light I’m seeing and moved to capture, hence #LightPhotography.

To learn even more about how I started my #LightPhotography, take a look at this conversation I had with the lovely Michelle Joseph of

Photo by Toronto Film Photographer, Michel Eberhard – Copyright © 2016

About my Blog
The pictures on this blog are things I see and am moved to photograph. The light is what gets me and then I sometimes see other things. I also post images from recent photo shoots.

I shoot digital with:
A Canon 5DII & Canon XTI and an 85mm f1.8, 50mm f1.4, 28mm f1.8 ,70-200mm f4, 28-85mm f3.5-4

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All these images are photographed by me and are mine. Please don’t steal. If you’d like to use an image, please contact me first for pricing.

All images Copyright 2010-2017 Ardean Peters, unless otherwise stated