Petra | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Who TOTALLY rocked it! I love her so much. Not only is she a beautiful model, she is awesomely, easy to work with! You know, one of those people you just ‘click’ with. We had so much fun, despite the deceptive heat on the beautifully overcast day it was. I was sweating buckets – but was having so much fun just having to click, click, click – knowing it was so EASY to capture beautiful images. Pj; You, me, a camera, another time. K?

Busy Little Bee

So busy, I haven’t had time to blog and post new work. I promise I DO have new stuff to post. Lot’s of shoots. A few weddings. AND the plan is a new blog/website for September. Yay! So it might be a bit sporadic here for the next little while – but hang in and you’ll see some cool new stuff from me. Promise! Oh and this pic was a grab shot during a wedding I assisted @mendesphoto on last weekend in Oakville. And yes, the Bride was game and rocked it out on the rocks! Here’s a sneak peak from the day >>> click. <<< Guess where I am in the pic…