I do this for me | Toronto Photographer

For CreatureLaurie. A fellow photographer and maker of clothing.

I shoot for me. The light I see. I document because it resonates with me. It captures my attention. Makes me smile and wonder. And I think it’s awesome. I wonder if other people ‘get’ the light I see. But I guess that doesn’t really matter. Not that I don’t want it to ‘gotten’, to be liked by someone else, or for someone else to have a view-point on it, but that I am shooting for myself. And if only I like it, that is okay.

This is the light I saw a few days ago. I had gotten in such a rut over the winter, walking the same path to work all the time. Depression sinking in. SAD anyone? But now that the light is returning – yay! – and a video I watched, reminded me that variety is something we crave – I took a different path that morning and was rewarded with this light. And the moon was a bonus. I do so love the moon.