I Don’t Shoot Black and White | Toronto Photographer

I don’t shoot black and white. Yes, I know I shoot digital and anything can be converted to black and white. But, it’s not the same. I believe to shoot truly good black and white photos, like with any style of photography, you need to know what you’re looking for first and how you’re going to get it. I don’t shoot black and white. Well yes, you might say my ‘light’ photos are black and white. And I shot those. So I do shoot black and white. And you’d be correct, sort of. That black and white is all about light and so I see those in black and white. But maybe I’m lying. I’m not even sure that I see them in colour or without colour. I think I just see the ‘quality’ of light and how it how it lands on and illuminates the objects it graces. Then I’ve recognized that that light is best represented void of colour. But portraits? Portraits, I’ve always shot in colour. There have been instances, where I had a light that happened to work well in both colour and black and white and I dabbled with a black and white conversion – but I think a truly great black and white image only works in black and white and at the very least is imagined first in black and white. I don’t shoot black and white, but the image in this post is. Maybe it’s the start of something new. Maybe not. But as always, with photography, there is exploration and learning and eureka moments. I don’t shoot black and white, but I might start trying.
Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

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Friday and I’m back from the dead

This week I came back from the dead. I finally shook that nasty flu I had. For 8 days I was sick and only started to feel normal on the 9th day, this past Sunday. Being sick sucks. And on that note, I digress. So what did I do this week? Well, for starters, I finally – shouts of exuberance and joy – painted my apartment. Some people scoffed at the idea of wasting money on a rental, but for me, colour and light is so important and really has the ability to effect your mood. And, I love light and bright and now my new ‘Kitten White’ space reflects that :) I also have done/am doing a few shoots this week and weekend. It feels SO good to be working again. You almost don’t realise how great creating feels until you’re not doing it. On that note, I’m off to edit and shoot and a whole lotta other stuff. Have a great weekend!

2015-09-25 12.44.40

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Good Portraits Take Time | Toronto Photographer


There are so many different styles of Portrait Photography out there. And so many different Photographers to choose from in Toronto, that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out who to go with. I myself love so many different photographers and they all have different styles of shooting. Often, very different from the way I shoot. And that’s okay. The important thing is to know how you’re going to use the final image and what you want the final image to say and then start looking from there. I will say, that I really love photographing people. Like, it’s really a lot of fun for me, because meeting new people is always interesting. On top of that, you have the challenge of figuring out lighting in whatever space, indoor or out, that you’re working in. That’s the problem solving part of photography that I like. And then there is the actual making of the portrait part. What you don’t know is, that part starts from the time you walk into the studio or on location. As we’re making introductions and swapping quick little anecdote’s about ourselves, while you’re checking your hair & outfit and I’m commenting about the cute shoes you wore or while I chat with you as I’m setting up my gear, that all fosters a sense of familiarity and comfortability. When I first started shooting, I never intentionally tried to do this, but I always chatted because silence is boring and leads to low energy and I have a knack for being really silly and chatty. But over the years, I’ve come to realise how much of this ‘chatting’ is essential for my style of portrait making, in creating a true and beautiful portrait. So be forewarned. I will talk. A lot. But invariably at the end of a session everyone always said they had fun and we’ve made a beautiful image. And I think that’s a pretty good outcome, don’t you?
Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

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Fall Family Portrait Mini Session | Toronto Photographer

I love doing Family Portraits, especially in Toronto’s High Park. That’s my favourite. But above that, I love hanging with cool families. So I’m once again doing Family Mini Sessions this year. It’s a way to get a few nice photos of your family, and update your photo wall, at a budget price. It being a ‘mini’ session, we shoot for only about 15 mins, and focus on getting some good group shots. Dates are: Sat Oct 3rd at High Park in Toronto and Sun Oct 4th at Chinguacousy Park in Brampton. The Family Mini Session is $75 and includes 5 digital images, one 8×10, one 5×7 and five 4×6 print. Contact me here or email me at photographybyardean [at]gmail.com to book your session time today.

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