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Friday and I’m still sick

And I’m blogging from my couch, wrapped up in a fleece blanket in between coughing fits and using text to speech to write this blog. And it sucks. Because I didn’t think that I was going to be sick this long. In fact I had felt I was well enough yesterday and then all sudden I took a turn back down again. And it sucks because I had momentum going and this sickness has sort of gotten in the way of that. But more important is it’s now caused me to miss a commitment. And that is a really a bad feeling. To know that you committed to a client to perform a service and now you have to back out due to illness potentially leaving them in the lurch. Of course I am doing everything in my power to make sure that the service is covered off and if I have to, I will be there to shoot sick or not sick. I just might use my telephoto lens a lot more and stay out of coughing range of all the people. I guess this is one of those lessons you learn in life and in business:
– expect the unexpected
– be prepared (this I do by cultivating a roster of photographer friends that I can call on when I need to find a fill in for jobs, or for referrals for jobs that might not be suitable to my style of photography but might be great for somebody else I know.)
– keep moving forward any way you can but recognize when you really need to take a break.
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