Upcoming Shoots | Toronto Portrait Photographer

So I have got two shoots up-coming. Friday, I have the pleasure of shooting Rochelle Hanson at Crossroads, in an intimate, coffee house style setting. Can’t wait! I’ll be shooting with the 5DMKII and pumping the ISO when needed [because I CAN!], to get some really cool, ambient light shots.

Then I’m preparing for a shoot Saturday afternoon with Samantha. We have shot before, but this time we are doing something on the creative side – something I haven’t really explored yet and I’m SO excited. Building a ‘set’ and everything! Stay tuned!!

Amber | in-studio | Toronto Portrait Photographer

one word: badass | her look is cutting. like she is staring straight through you. she is unaffected and uniquely herself. her creativity spilling out in any manner she chooses. and really, a sweet heart. this is my 5th time shooting her. i must like her a lot. and yet, i’ve found her one of the most challenging to direct. i think it’s that cutting look. but this shoot, how i love it. these are all unedited for the most part. a direction i’d like to keep going. here’s a glimpse of her smile :)

Fresh Snow | Cool Pics

Woke up to tons of fresh and fluffy snow this morning. We missed this for Christmas and it’s a treat, as it feels like we haven’t really had snow in awhile. I know, I know, it’s CANADA, but last Christmas was also a bust on the snow front, at least in the general Toronto area – so this stuff is pretty nice to see [minus the having to shovel the REALLY LARGE driveway!] So I traipsed around in my wanna be wellies – they’re green! [see] – in the park, enjoying the snow and grabbing some pics. Weather and snow like this is a great opportunity to get out and do a ‘winter wonderland’ portrait shoot. Oh the fun to be had and great images to be made!

Melissa in High Park | Toronto Portrait Photographer

On an early and cold morning in Toronto’s High Park, I met up with Melissa. Our 3rd time shooting. LOVE shooting her – she makes it so simple with her ease of movement, easy going personality and extreme professionalism, in the face of FREEZING cold temperatures. Funny – I guess I didn’t feel the cold due to lot’s of layers [I didn’t need to look pretty] and all the rolling around on the ground!