The Vision | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Gregory Elliot aka ~ The | These images are the result of an impromptu hour long session, at 1am in the morning. Creativity struck, and we had a lot of fun with these. I can say, having such an expressive subject as The Vision makes my job so much more easier. Also, not ‘thinking’ about the shots [having not planned to shoot] and rather just doing/figuring out lighting on the fly, made it a very organic and collaborative shoot. Again, what is it with artists? :) And The Vision is definitely an up and coming artist in his own right and one to watch. He is able to create engaging, smooth and saavy films and video, on limited budgets. I can only imagine what he’ll create when given free reign with budget and the chance to fully envision his creativity on screen. It was a treat working with him on these and I hope to continue to work collaboratively with him, in the future!