Tawny’s* Birthday Shoot | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Tawny contacted me to do a shoot. Her concept a birthday theme – for her birthday.
We had a great time getting set up – and realise how much more work/streamers are needed to really make a full on birthday bash set. Nevertheless, we still had a ball shooting! Tawny had the great idea to work with Fashion and Accessory Designer, Sara Imrie. Sara just happens to be a graduate from the same program I did, at my alma mater Seneca College – in the Fashion Design and Production program. She has some really adorable all original designs. All the clothing and hair accessories are her design and made by her!

Model test shoot | Toronto Portrait Photographer

**must be viewed large**
This is something one of the models I’ve worked with, who works regularly in the industry, suggested that I look into doing. As it happens, I met this young aspiring model – and we were able to do a test or a test shoot :)
Her first photo shoot ever and I think she rocked it.

[no edits other than levels and sharpening / next time, we’ll do no makeup – natural look]