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HBC Photography Workshop <<< Behind the Scenes

[click on pics below to view individual ones larger]

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Names – left to right and down:

1. Jennifer shooting Dee   2. Nadine & Jessica L. in archway   3. The Models   4. Profile of Dee [Nadine behind her]   5. Photographers shooting the group [Cory, Matt, Stefano, Jennifer & Neda   6. Models and Photographers taking a break   7. So cool he should be in pictures – Photographer Stefano [sitting on ledge]  8. Jessica L. and Nadine prepping   9. Cory looking for the shot [multiple pics]  10.  Amber aka Plume Noir, model and one of the workshop coordinators [Jessica P. in background]

All images copyright © Ardean Peters


  1. Plume Noir

    That’s a pretty cool picture of Stefano! Hahaha – cool pictures, I’ve yet to see any behind the scenes type things so this is nice 🙂


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  3. r*dean [myaliasfotography]

    Stefano is just cool like that. Really like him 🙂
    At this point I was SOOO tired. So I wasn’t trying too hard to get the group shots and instead decided to step back 🙂


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