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thoughts on the workshop

model: dee

My feedback on the Photography Workshop I attended last Sunday, July 18th, put on by the Hebephrenia Collective

Great article! I came with a lot of gear and initially made the mistake of trying to use every lens with each model because I wasn’t sure where we would be shooting and which lens would be ideal. Try running around with a gear bag, in a hot and dusty (but beautiful) location, trying to think of cool photo concepts and executing them in 20 minutes – not fun! So after trying that with 2 of the models, I got smart and decided to use only 1 lens each time and make it work for me. And know, that some of the other photographers were working with smaller kits and didn’t have the luxury of having multiple lenses at their disposal, AND I’d say were better off for it.

In the end working with one lens challenged my ability as a photographer to ‘see’ the shot, which I need to continue working on. Also, that there was a variety of talented models with varying amounts of experience was exactly what I needed to both easily create beautiful images and also provide me with much needed experience in directing, a skill that is absolutely necessary I think, to becoming a pro photographer. And even though the time was short with each model, it forced you to think quick, move out of your comfort zone and just get the shot.

This workshop was exactly what I needed to push myself as a photographer and renew my faith in the creative process of photography. If there is a spot available at the next workshop, I would highly recommend reserving it!

model: jessica

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