summer time shooting

gosh, it’s been awhile since i posted. guess i must have been busy :-)
i’ve gotten a few more shoots done in the last week, that i’m quite pleased with.
the pic below is from this weekend with the lovely plume noir.
we had a fun, albeit HOT time. boy it was warm. we met up at 10am and it’s alreay too hot/bright to be shooting at that time. so i know now to schedule my summer shoots for early am ~ 7am [no joke] or after 5pm, as the sun is starting to set. I don’t mind shooting early either. Just means you are done early ~ by 10am ~ and you’ve got the rest of the weekend to chill :-)

photo shoots

The first is from a couple of weekend’s ago with sweetlikez.
We found our initial location, which I had spotted from the Go Train on my daily rides into T.O., but when we got there it was all fenced up, so we had to quickly find another spot. Luckily we found this really cool spot close by and got to shooting. She is such a cutie and we got tons of cool shots.

The second was at Woodbine Beach this weekend. Finally we are getting some consistently hot weather – and everyone was out that day enjoying it. I’ve never shot on a beach before and in full sun. We got there around 3:30 and the sun was still pretty high and strong so not ideal for shooting – plus having a lot of people in our way, didn’t make it easy! So we did what we could. Next beach shoot I’ll know what to expect. And yes, the water was freezing.