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I didn’t take a picture today

(huffing and puffing coming in from the garden and climbing back down to the basement)

So i decided to make a last minute one. Went out to the back garden. It’s 8:30pm now, so the light was fading fast. But I was surprised at what I was able to find in our backyard.
Maybe that is part of the challenge of photography, making a picture, when it’s not always easy to do. Just do it, learn and challenge yourself and the next time it gets easier.

And I had a creative day today. Ta da! Came up with this new blog design and I’m well pleased with it. I just added the 3 little pics, after being inspired somehow by this blog post over at Little City . I think I need to stop by thier blog more often 🙂

May 14, 2010 – My backyard, Brampton

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