love & other things

I didn’t make the pictures today, that I would have liked to. Coming back from Burlington Saturday night, from a get together of a friends, friend’s – the highway was slippy and thankfully slow moving. There was a lot of snow. The pretty kind. Leaving the house that night, as we walked to the car, you could see it twinkling in the light. And this morning – oh – so – pretty! The kind of snow that settles ever so gently on branches, coating them, creating an idyllic winter wonderland. And if you watched at the right moment, a bit of snow, would drop softly off a branch and float to the ground. But I didn’t have time to stop and watch and attempt to make a picture. This is the time you wished your eyelids were shutters and you could snap a picture with your brain. Although, I suppose I did.

And of love. As I did title the post with it. Watching ‘Pay It Forward’ and Shooter’, reminded me of love. Such a fundamental thing. The one thing we all want, without exception. Romantic love specifically. I remember that feeling and how wonderful it is.

a quick snap, while stopped at a light

The Saga of James Applebommerplanks Love Triangle Affair

Phew! Now, that’s a mouthful! This is a play that ran over the Valentine’s weekend in Toronto at the Bathurst Street Theatre. It opened on Sat Feb 12th and closed Mon Feb 14th and was written and directed by Nicole R. White. I found out about it because a model I’ve photographed was cast in it, Simone Riding-Cunningham, and I thought it’d be cool to go out and see what it’s like to shoot a play! I was entertained thoroughly the entire evening, as this play was filled with tons of laughs, singing and dancing! It was challenging though and I’ve learned that next time, I would definitely need to shoot with a nice tele-zoom. Although I love my 85mm, it was too short and my 55-250mm with the 50D, is too slow :)

A Editing I Go!

SOOOO much editing I have to get done. Below are previews of the recent shoots I did. Not including a play and a collaboration with Jennifer McCready Photography. AND I’m doing a band shoot tommorow – should be fun!

But I am feeling good. Loving shooting lots and been a regular at the gym all week!
I say, continue to bring it on!