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love & other things

I didn’t make the pictures today, that I would have liked to. Coming back from Burlington Saturday night, from a get together of a friends, friend’s – the highway was slippy and thankfully slow moving. There was a lot of snow. The pretty kind. Leaving the house that night, as we walked to the car, you could see it twinkling in the light. And this morning – oh – so – pretty! The kind of snow that settles ever so gently on branches, coating them, creating an idyllic winter wonderland. And if you watched at the right moment, a bit of snow, would drop softly off a branch and float to the ground. But I didn’t have time to stop and watch and attempt to make a picture. This is the time you wished your eyelids were shutters and you could snap a picture with your brain. Although, I suppose I did.

And of love. As I did title the post with it. Watching ‘Pay It Forward’ and Shooter’, reminded me of love. Such a fundamental thing. The one thing we all want, without exception. Romantic love specifically. I remember that feeling and how wonderful it is.

a quick snap, while stopped at a light

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