Nix & Chris | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Can’t remember if I blogged this. These are from awhile back. Around March-ish – before my 580exII broke :( How much fun this was. Nix & Chris are such darlings. And makers of music, having formed 2 musical outfits: ‘How Many Skies’ and ‘Dr. Ozi’ {links}. Also Check out their ‘Dr. Ozi’ facebook page, on which they just posted a wicked mix to, along with their Dr. Ozi’s myspace and How Many Skies facebook pages.

We’ll be getting together in the near future to try some outdoor strobist stuff, which if nothing else, will be a fun time, filled with banging beats :)

Jenny from the Rock | Toronto Portrait Photographer

This started out with just trying to get a snap of Shelly [the cat] out on the balcony [not pictured] and then turned into an impromptu, quick portrait session. How gorgeus is Jen?! Seriously, I can only imagine what we could do, if she had actually prepared to have her picture taken! The light was nice – early evening and diffuse. And she had to get a pic with her favorite tree friend, ‘Hans’. :)

Editing was quick and simple. Just a bit of skin ‘smoothing’ in picnik [yes, I edit with picnik!]. I like to keep my images as clean and natural as possible, so I just touch up things like obvious blemishes and un-ordinary red patches. I feel like when you take a picture with the camera, the camera see’s differently then you do: more critically. So I try and edit to show how I saw you in that moment.

Gear used: Canon 50D with my 17-55mm f2.8 lens – all shot at f2.8. Check my flickr {link} for more detailed exif data :)

Images © Ardean Peters