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Nix & Chris | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Can’t remember if I blogged this. These are from awhile back. Around March-ish – before my 580exII broke 😦 How much fun this was. Nix & Chris are such darlings. And makers of music, having formed 2 musical outfits: ‘How Many Skies’ and ‘Dr. Ozi’ {links}. Also Check out their ‘Dr. Ozi’ facebook page, on which they just posted a wicked mix to, along with their Dr. Ozi’s myspace and How Many Skies facebook pages.

We’ll be getting together in the near future to try some outdoor strobist stuff, which if nothing else, will be a fun time, filled with banging beats 🙂


  1. Another great set! My fave are the individual portrait feature. Pretty darn good for a pre580ex session =)
    I like your website too ~ I’ve been meaning to comment about it. I like that you show the variety of work that you do. I don’t think there’s too many tabs or photos. Maybe it’s just my photographer brain thinking~I can look at photos all night for ideas and inspiration.


  2. r*dean

    I think that is what I am at the heart of it – a portrait photographer. My strongest ability at least, if nothing else 🙂
    These were actually shot with the 580 and 430 speedlites, before I broke my 580.
    1 light for the individual portraits and side light on either side for the group shot.


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