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Jenny from the Rock | Toronto Portrait Photographer

This started out with just trying to get a snap of Shelly [the cat] out on the balcony [not pictured] and then turned into an impromptu, quick portrait session. How gorgeus is Jen?! Seriously, I can only imagine what we could do, if she had actually prepared to have her picture taken! The light was nice – early evening and diffuse. And she had to get a pic with her favorite tree friend, ‘Hans’. 🙂

Editing was quick and simple. Just a bit of skin ‘smoothing’ in picnik [yes, I edit with picnik!]. I like to keep my images as clean and natural as possible, so I just touch up things like obvious blemishes and un-ordinary red patches. I feel like when you take a picture with the camera, the camera see’s differently then you do: more critically. So I try and edit to show how I saw you in that moment.

Gear used: Canon 50D with my 17-55mm f2.8 lens – all shot at f2.8. Check my flickr {link} for more detailed exif data 🙂

Images © Ardean Peters


  1. when i first started, i was heavy into PS actions~ definitely love the more natural look and feel. i’m following your lead with the natural look on portraiture. love this series. your work is always amazing.
    hello jenny and ummm..hans =)


  2. r*dean

    when I say ‘clean and natural’ I think I really mean ‘not heavily photoshopped’ in terms of excessive airbrushing and that the person doesn’t end up looking fake and ‘too perfect’. i would totally used more actions for the ‘ambience’ and unique ‘feel’ they give, if I actually was working in Photoshop and not just Elements! lol 🙂


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