Emilia | Toronto Portrait Photographer

pure fun was had on this shoot with emilia. there where ‘o’ faces and talk of ‘Chaka’ hair. need I say more? and such a beautiful girl – who easily transitioned from ‘sexy’, to ‘rude gyal’, to ‘sweet and innocent’. you only have to look in her eyes, to see her beautiful nature peering out. it was a pleasure emila – next time!

Mel | Toronto Headshot Photography

I don’t think I said the word ‘cute’ so much, ever in my life. She just is. And looks AMAZING in front of the camera – with images straight out of the camera – that look like they’d already been edited. We had so much fun on this shoot – with my ‘Macguyver’d’ reflector set-up [i really do need to get a new one!]. I really could shoot her all day long – she is THAT easy to make a stunning image of.

Gladys | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Down to earth and practical. LOVES her family. And SMOLDERS in photos. I so enjoyed working with Gladys, such a treat. We took my studio shooting to another level here. She by making it SO easy to make amazing photos of her. She just KNOWS how to move. And that we managed to do a bunch of different lighting set-ups. Thank you Gladys! Next time!