The Sylverine | Toronto Portrait Photographer

I started the new year with thoughts of new shoots and new techniques and new light. And I had the pleasure of working with model and actor Sylverine Albertina. This 1st shoot was a complete trial – and a good thing. But also a difficult thing, when you’ve gotten so used to doing something a particular way and particularly well that way. Luckily, I was working with a talented artist who made my job easy. What I loved about the shoot was I got excited again about ‘studio’ light and what you can do with it when you learn to control it. What I loved about working with Sylverine? She is all of easy going, fun and so talented, that I can shoot with my eyes closed and just my finger on the button ;)

Follow Sylverine on her social’s here:
Instagram – @thesylverine
Youtube – @ tinalovesyouall2much
Twitter – @FKA_Tina

Portrait Photo Shoot with Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

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