Big Buildings

April 28, 2010 – King Street @ Jordan Street, Toronto I am always awed by the shear beauty of the city. Either while walking amongst these massive buildings, really, massive pieces of art, that a group of artisan’s came together to produce or while viewing from a distance the skyline of the city. It’s truly … Continue reading Big Buildings


April 27, 2009 [much better viewed larger – click on the picture] Top pic is the Gooderham building in Toronto, at on Wellington Street where it meets Front Street. The 2nd is walking along Wellington at Yonge. And so, these pictures have nothing to do with each other, I just really liked both of them … Continue reading incongruous


April 26, 2010 – Canon 400D and 50mm1.8 This is shot from the Queen Street Car. I think this building is St. Mikes – as seen from the window of the street car. Just could not pass up the light! ~And the day went by rather quickly despite being overtired, after a busy weekend of … Continue reading underwhelmed

keeping it real

Not necessarily what I thought it meant. But I like this definition, found on the Urban Dictionary: Staying true to yourself, your faith, your life and constantly seeking the truth. By keeping it real you are authentic and do not follow the geopolitical or corporate economic norm, but you strive to develop a norm that … Continue reading keeping it real

grow [again]

Zaki Ibrahim says it well. “And in the mean time I get upset cause you never can get nothing easy ~ You’re looking to set the place straight for a new day ~ Doing what you love will make a change ~ What’s it all about, when every second you’re dying to break out ~ … Continue reading grow [again]