Big Buildings

April 28, 2010 – King Street @ Jordan Street, Toronto

I am always awed by the shear beauty of the city. Either while walking amongst these massive buildings, really, massive pieces of art, that a group of artisan’s came together to produce or while viewing from a distance the skyline of the city. It’s truly awesome. The enormous size is one thing. How it dwarfs you and seems unfathomable that someone thought up to contruct it and that they were able to contruct it. Sometimes, I just shake my head. And then when you really stop and look, take the time, you notice the detail that has been incorporated, especially the older buildings. Carvings and Gargoyles! Have you seen them? Some of them you don’t notice until you look waaay up, to the top tiers of these structures. And once you look up, you can only say wow!

Top of a 40+ story building


April 27, 2009 [much better viewed larger – click on the picture]
Top pic is the Gooderham building in Toronto, at on Wellington Street where it meets Front Street. The 2nd is walking along Wellington at Yonge.

And so, these pictures have nothing to do with each other, I just really liked both of them a lot. The quality of the light in the shade of the Gooderham building was so nice, that i just had to snap a pic. I can imagine myself sitting up on that fireescape and reading, surfing wirelessly, on lazy weekend afternoons. The 2nd pic, I snapped at the lights. I quite liked how the men were lined up :-)


April 26, 2010 – Canon 400D and 50mm1.8
This is shot from the Queen Street Car. I think this building is St. Mikes – as seen from the window of the street car. Just could not pass up the light!

~And the day went by rather quickly despite being overtired, after a busy weekend of shooting. I rented the Canon 5DMkII. This is one review of it.
I had been drooling over this camera for months. Dreaming of the day I’d get to own one, and you know what? Not so impressed. I was expecting AMAZING results – as compared to my Canon 50D, which was the camera one step below the 5D, until Canon recently introduced the 7D. I have yet to ‘study’ my ‘field test’ [I took both camera’s to the shoots and used them with all the lenses] – but my initial feeling is that I can get pretty close to similar results using my 50D [by taking time to think and learn how the 50D operates best] and the right lens combination, like the 135mm f2.0, prime lens [fixed focal length], which I am now in love with :-) Instead of shelling out money for both the 5D [$3k] AND an L series lens [$1k and up], as my current EFS lenses, don’t fit this body, I could just [when that money miraculously appears] buy the 135mm f2 and get pretty stellar results. I wish I had learned this sooner. I’m not saying that the 5DMkII isn’t an awesome camera [and it’s especially awesome with the 135mmf2], just that I wished that I had not focused on what I didn’t have but had rather used what I DID have to it’s best ability. Lesson learned.

Westbound to Georgetown

This is what the 6:45pm GO Train looks like. Empty and relaxed. This is the Antithesis to the morning ride in. A plethora of bodies, anxiously piling into the cars, as soon as the train reaches the station and opens it’s doors. A rush to get a seat. Your seat. Everybody only looking out for themselves.

People always say, ‘Oh, but it’s so much more civilized then the ‘TTC’. Well truth be told, I’d take the TTC over it any day. Yes, on the GO for the most part, it’s a quiet ride in. Most people get a seat [with exceptions*] and quietly read a paper, listen to their MP3 player, surf the net or quietly chat. But within this ‘civilization’, there are these very strict rules. Business class rules. Don’t be different, kind of rules. Follow the same path rules. And that irks me. I’m lucky this time around, I’m riding into Toronto to work in a casual environment, where I can wear jeans [praise and sing hallelujah!] and an office that is on the ‘creative’ side of things. I’m so happy not to be one of the million scurrying ants [that’s what i always think], scurrying off the GO, heading north – deviating only to veer off into their particular building, only to turn around at 5pm and scurry back down. And goodness forbid, your in their path at quitting time. Beware.

*People will pile into specific cars, because it lets you off at right at the one of the exits out of the Train Station, so that they can be the first ones out and gone

April 22, 2010 – On the Go Train