Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

Westbound to Georgetown

This is what the 6:45pm GO Train looks like. Empty and relaxed. This is the Antithesis to the morning ride in. A plethora of bodies, anxiously piling into the cars, as soon as the train reaches the station and opens it’s doors. A rush to get a seat. Your seat. Everybody only looking out for themselves.

People always say, ‘Oh, but it’s so much more civilized then the ‘TTC’. Well truth be told, I’d take the TTC over it any day. Yes, on the GO for the most part, it’s a quiet ride in. Most people get a seat [with exceptions*] and quietly read a paper, listen to their MP3 player, surf the net or quietly chat. But within this ‘civilization’, there are these very strict rules. Business class rules. Don’t be different, kind of rules. Follow the same path rules. And that irks me. I’m lucky this time around, I’m riding into Toronto to work in a casual environment, where I can wear jeans [praise and sing hallelujah!] and an office that is on the ‘creative’ side of things. I’m so happy not to be one of the million scurrying ants [that’s what i always think], scurrying off the GO, heading north – deviating only to veer off into their particular building, only to turn around at 5pm and scurry back down. And goodness forbid, your in their path at quitting time. Beware.

*People will pile into specific cars, because it lets you off at right at the one of the exits out of the Train Station, so that they can be the first ones out and gone

April 22, 2010 – On the Go Train

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