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Red doors, radiator’s and Musical Plays

SOO tired. It’s 2:00am right now. Had a long day, what with going to the gym, in the morning for 9:00am and staying for TWO classes. First time back in MONTHS – can I get a Whoot Whoot?! Then headed downtown to drop off pics to a client. And then in the evening, went to the Bathurst Street Theatre, to do Stills for the opening night of the play: The Saga of James Applebommerplank’s Love Triangle. It was HILARIOUS. Well written and acted. I took TOO many pictures. I’ll share some here, as soon as I sort them. And I’ll leave you with a diptych of a door and raditor, from the Theatre, and a pic of Amber from a recent shoot. More to come!

Love this shoot with Amber! More pics soon 😉

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