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Friday and I’m back from the dead

This week I came back from the dead. I finally shook that nasty flu I had. For 8 days I was sick and only started to feel normal on the 9th day, this past Sunday. Being sick sucks. And on that note, I digress. So what did I do this week? Well, for starters, I finally – shouts of exuberance and joy – painted my apartment. Some people scoffed at the idea of wasting money on a rental, but for me, colour and light is so important and really has the ability to effect your mood. And, I love light and bright and now my new ‘Kitten White’ space reflects that πŸ™‚ I also have done/am doing a few shoots this week and weekend. It feels SO good to be working again. You almost don’t realise how great creating feels until you’re not doing it. On that note, I’m off to edit and shoot and a whole lotta other stuff. Have a great weekend!

2015-09-25 12.44.40

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