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Monday: Not sick anymore


Well, not completely. I’m about 90% recovered. And I’m faced with a Monday that I can get back on track with – again. It always feels like I’m starting over. I guess I should be used to it by now, having done it so much, it seems. Maybe it’s an incremental growth. I keep taking these teeny tiny little moves forward and though at times it may feel like I’m being blown all the way back to the beginning, in fact, maybe I’ve just shifted to the side and a teeny tiny step forward. Always forward. Such small movements that I don’t even notice sometimes and get discouraged, but if I could look with a giant magnifying glass back on my life, I could perhaps see my life laid out, winding and twisting, but always moving just that little bit forward. And sure, there are definite times of set-back, but maybe those are more holding-patterns, then going backwards. Times of stagnation or maybe times of respite, that lead to possible new opportunities for enlightenment. This all to say, it’s Monday. The beginning of a new week. A time to review goals and perhaps set new ones. A time to just start again, because,
you are strong.
It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger Quote motivation

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