Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light


Model: Romone

i never thought of myself as one, but my sister says i am – a perfectionist.
maybe it’s because certain things I don’t want to do, unless it’s done exactly right. and if i can’t do it exactly right, i usually don’t want to do it. this shoot was a challenge to that perfectionism, when it comes to photography. the light was pretty good [although I think I’m not challenging the 85 f1.8 enough, when i shoot with it in this softer light. it actually seems to do really well in brighter – almost too bright – situations].
my issues here [besides direction, which will maybe be an even longer learning process], was location.
i’ve been pretty lucky for the most part to 1. work with subjects that are naturally great in front of the camera [being artists/musician’s themselves] and 2. ‘lucking’ into shoot at good locations. I say lucking into because, I/we might have just chosen the location on a whim, not having previously scouted it out for light and whether it works as a good setting.

Now with working on booking more shoots so I can shoot MORE, I am challenged with finding and knowing good locations to shoot at [I’ll also be shooting in my ‘new’ studio ~ my basement is set up now]. And I don’t. And it’s not that they are necessarily hard to find/not plentiful, just that I need to take the time to scout them out and even test shoot at them. I need to know what time of day, the best light hits. Depending on how I shoot, I might need to know which ones have the most space, can accommodate a band for instance. Whether there are interesting architectural details that will add interest to the shot. My goal then is to go on a scouting mission and building a ‘library’ of locations.

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