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Red & Jason – Engaged | Toronto Portrait Photography

Love at first Skype: This is Red and Jason’s story. – Childhood friends, they grew up 3 doors down from each other. Then Jason moved to Greece and Red grew up. Facebook was the instigator, when Red became facebook friends, with her old neighbours sister. He noticed their friendship and got ‘introduced’. They Skyped and it was clear, there was something there, they had to investigate in person. Jason came back to Canada for a visit, and well, the rest is history. They are set to be married in November, in a Greek service including the traditional ‘Stefanothike’. I am honoured to be the one documenting their love and commitment that day. They are so fun and easy going and loving. It is clear that Jason is the perfect ‘calm’ to Red’s ‘storm’.

All images copyright © Ardean Peters


  1. OK WOW 🙂 HOT COUPLE!!!! Seriously.
    I LOVE these!! And the one with the lifted legs is SO CUTE!!!

    GREAT JOB!!!
    Ahhhh they are gonna have an awesome wedding shoot.


    Simply Natural Ideas


  2. SOOOOO LOOOOVE the colors on this session! I especially like the one with the blues. Stunning work =)
    Oh and woah!! on this blog design and I also see you the changes you did on our flash site ❤ ❤ ❤


    • The lighting was nice that day. And the shade! Boy do I love ‘good’ shade! Just had to pump the blacks a bit, and the colours just popped!

      After getting the flash site how it is now and liking it; and it’s simplicity, I’d been thinking how to bring the blog in-line.
      Finally got a flash of using just a simple header [referencing Jstar’s blog, in not using an actual client image and I liked how her branding is set up]. I like it. Now I’ll have to go back to the flash site and tweak it. Man, this is what you pay good money to have a real designer do, which I’ll DEFINITELY do on my next site revision, a few years from now! 🙂


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