Julie & Greg got Married | Irwin Inn | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Julie and Greg got married by a lake and I had the opportunity to go help document it. I got another chance to 2nd shoot for Valter at Mendes Photography and we headed out on a Saturday morning for a drive east of Toronto. I’ll be honest, I think we got a little bit lost on our way there with all the many twists and turns just north of Peterborough, but once we arrived it was well worth the drive. The Irwin Inn is quite fabulous. If you want a cozy, homey, family getaway spot, this is definitely the place. With the awesome cabins overlooking the lake, it makes for a fabulous spot to relax in. I had a lot of fun documenting Julie and Greg’s day with their awesome friends and family that came out to celebrate with them. Oh, you might be wondering about the bird. That’s Arnie and he belongs to Julie and Greg and holds a special place in their hearts :)

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What to do if it rains on your Wedding day | Toronto Wedding Photographer

Oh man! It’s pouring rain. It’s Saturday and it’s your wedding day. I know you can look at this and say, “Man this sucks.It’s my wedding and it’s pouring rain. Like my pictures are gonna suck. Maybe I won’t even be able to do pictures.” But you have to go in first and foremost with the attitude that you’re getting married because you’ve found your soul mate and the day is a celebration of the commitment you are making to each other. And it’s something that you’re bringing together family and friends to share in that joy with you. And you know what, it really is about just that; friends and family, regardless of the dress you picked out or the venue the reception will be held it. It’s not all about – and don’t get me wrong, I am a photographer and do love pretty pictures & documenting stories – but the main focus is really not about pretty pictures, and beautiful details and a beautiful sunset background, really it’s about you guys. So ya, maybe it might rain on your big day. And you’ll feel a little sucky at the beginning but try and have the attitude that it’s still all good. With that being said, you do wanna make sure that you are prepared, the odds are in your favour and that you do have a back up plan in place, which includes:

– A back-up location for the ceremony. In case you’ve planned a lovely garden wedding and then the forecast turns to rain.
– A back-up location for the Bridal portraits. It can be something as simple as a breeze way with an overhang.
– Or you’re really cool and adventurous people and you won’t mind going out in the rain to do some fun shots with umbrella’s and rubber boots!

If nothing else, this way you’re prepared and you’ll have peace of mind :)

It didn’t rain this time :)
Toronto Wedding Photographer - Ardean Peters