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Moving into the long weekend and a week’s vacation, I’ll be taking some time to finish some projects and then some time to b.r.e.a.t.h.e. I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone. In fact, it never really started, what with the unusual and un-predictable weather we had. But you know what, while I love summer and the opportunity to wear sun-dresses and flip flops and lounge in the backyard, September is really my favorite time of year. I guess it goes back to being in school and at the end of summer getting excited to start the new school year, with new books and new clothes and getting to see all your school friends again. And still to this day, September always feel’s like the real ‘New Year’ to me. I still love picking up the massive fall edition of the latest fashion magazines (who remember’s reading ‘Sassy’ and ‘Seventeen’?) and shopping for ‘fall’ clothes. And I still save items to wear for the first time at the beginning of September (in fact, I have this cute little plaid shirt that I can’t wait to wear, sitting in my closet). Along with the end of summer, September brings with it the air of new beginnings and fresh starts. Time to flip the calendar page over and make new plans around my continued commitment to healthy eating & bike riding and growing my Wedding Photography business for 2014. What are some of YOUR new beginnings & plans for next month? 🙂



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From a beautiful Greek wedding ceremony I documented. I love the way the couples hands are clasped here – signifying their new commitment to each other.
Toronto Wedding Photographer - Ardean Peters

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