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I’m in love with Love | Toronto Photographer

Ya, I said it. Explains my love of action drama’s where the lead character is also involved in a dramatic, star crossed love story (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Beauty and Beast, Simon & Alisha from Mifits and Stefan & Elena from Vampire Diaries. Hmm… Apparently I also have a thing for sci-fi drama. But seriously, what can be better to photograph and document, then the love that two people share. And what better opportunity to do that than on the day they’ve chosen to commit and honour their love in front of friends and family? So if I have the honour of documenting your big day, do expect to be asked to show some a lot of PDA’s. Afterall, you will have just sealed your commitment it with a kiss moments before. What’s one more? 🙂


Toronto Wedding Photographer - Ardean Peters

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