Jason & Marianthe – Toronto Wedding Photography

8 thoughts on “Jason & Marianthe – Toronto Wedding Photography”

  1. I’m so blown away! These are soooooooo amazing Ardean (big huge proud smile on my face). Love the ceremony details (I love all the details but always amazed at the shots that many photographers can’t get because certain restrictions). Favorite of mine is the bw shot of the bride’s shoes/dress coming down the stairs. And of course I have a thousand (ok maybe hundreds instead) of technical questions =P


    1. Thanks Tru! Yes, we (myself and the videographer) had full access on the dias (?) during the ceremony. I took as much advantage of that as I could! Love that you like the b/w of the shoes/stairs. It was the light/shadows that struck me and I managed to snap it 😀


    1. Thank you Jai! I was going for a mix of very ‘clean’ processing and ‘flim-y’ looking processing. Still working on what I like best when it comes to processing. Actually, I know what I like best – real film! – but that’s a whole other ball game, at least when it comes to wedding photography 😀


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