Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

rainy days & nights in Toronto

and so some more interior light. oh but the first image, I do love so much. first rule of photography: stop and take the picture at the moment you see it. i started to walk by and said to myself that i’d stop on the way back. if i had done that – you know this image wouldn’t exist right now. the night set of images are with the 28mm f2.8 I picked up this evening. seeing if i like it. will i miss the stop of light? (oh, but i do love my 1.4 on the 50). we’ll see.

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    • That wasn’t intentional – in that I was aiming for the lights and she walked into the frame. I’m not brave enough to really shoot people (with my camera) intentionally. 🙂


      • Julia Busato Photography

        I get like that too more so with the street photography work. But I love doing street work! Her walking there was a happy accident then!


  1. Be

    These are ALL soooooooo wonderful!! I get the feeling of peacefulness in all of them. I love how they all have similar tones, it really tells a story. You have definitely achived your unique style. Im loving what you are doing. If you ever want to sell your 50 holla!


    • Thank you Jacqui! I AM getting that feeling – that focusing on ‘light’ is my thing. And in doing so, composition starts to come. I think too – shooting with my phone has also really helped – by stripping away the ‘control’ and just having to shoot instinctually – sometimes I’m shooting with my cell thinking, ‘I don’t know why i’m taking this – doesn’t look particularly amazing’, but then when I ‘edit’ it in instagram – the focus comes out. I ‘saw’ it but didn’t see it at the same time.

      I’ll probably definitely keep the 50mm… but I do have a 17-40 that i’m not sure about. I just don’t really know how to shoot with that lens. I’m thinking if the 28mm works out – then I’ll get rid of the 17-40.


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